Corporate History

September 1988 The company was established as Okinawa Hakko Kagaku Co., Ltd, with backing from the Association for Advancement of Agricultural Science, the Keizairen, and several private companies with the goal of promoting economic development in Okinawa by using ‘bagus’ a by-product of Okinawa’s core crop, sugarcane.
April 1990 Increased working capital to 43 million yen and moved the company from Haebaru to Itoman City.
January 1991 Established large scale agaricus mushroom production.
April 1991 New start as a member of Kanehide Group.
June 1994 Became the first local JAS accredited condiment factory.
June 1998 Successfully extracted ‘Fucoidan’ from Okinawan Mozuku.
March 1999 Successfully extracted the anti gastric ulcer component (vitamin U) from cabbage.
May 1999 Developed and began marketing citric acid rich Moromi Vinegar made from the ‘Moromi’ left after the distillation of awamori. Business alliance signed with Kumejima no Kumesen Co., Ltd. Production and sale of moromi vinegar commenced.
November 1999 New Office and Factory completed.
February 2000 Awarded the 1999 First Annual Business Only One Prize (for manufacturing).
April 2002 International Quality Standard Management System ISO9001 accreditation received.
November 2003 ISO9001 – HACCP system accreditation received.
April 2004 ‘Fucoidan Extract Powder Capsules’ recognized by JACT (Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary and Traditional Medicine).
December 2004 Accredited as a JAS Organic Factory.
October 2005 Tokyo office opened.
January 2006 ISO22000 (Food Safety Management System) accreditation received.
May 2006 Company name changed from Okinawa Hakko Kagaku Co., Ltd to Kanehide Bio Co.,Ltd.
September 2011 JHNFA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) program for dietary supplements accreditation received.