Fundamental philosophy & Management goal

Fundamental Philosophy

Integrity is the path of humanity.
Loyalty without expecting anything in return.
That is where the trust of our customers lies.
There is a future in the first step along a path.
Effort is the origin of possibility.
Set a high standard and concentrate your entire to their achievement.
This is the driving force behind company development.
Service is gratitude.
Never forget gratitude for the customer,
and make the betterment of society your mission.
Service is the final goal of a company.

Management goal

  • Kanehide Bio Co., Ltd uses local Okinawan ingredients and through the application of fermentation and bio technology, produces health food products for customers, and makes contributions to the preservation of health and to alternative medicine.
  • We emphasize the importance of quality and the environment as a health food manufacture and strive to be a company with a high degree of customer trust and satisfaction that is staffed by highly satisfied employees.